Thursday, November 20, 2008

Snow, Snow and more Snow!

Well woke up this morning to a lake effect snow warnings, they are calling for up to 10 inches by tomorrow afternoon and could have up to 3 ft by the end of the weekend. I know this should be no suprise to me living along Lake Erie, it's just it's too early to be getting all this snow. Hey, maybe that means winter will end early, yah right.....

There are going to be so grumpy men in my house the next few days, my husband and two sons work outside, in fact my son Brandon plows snow so I guess he'll be a busy guy...

I know I've been behind on updating but I've been a busy girl. Have still been doing alot of reading on learning this blog thing, trying to find a picture for my header, not having much luck.

I have some pictures to post (ok not right now just found out batteries are dead, gotta charge them) of the projects that have been keeping me busy the last few days, thanks to all the crafty things that I have found reading everyones blogs.

Well today I have to bake bread for the week, I don't buy bread from the store it is cheaper and healthier this way, also making bread crumbs and stuffing cubes.


Kath said...

I hear ya girl!
I live in the dang snow belt!! This is for the birds...I'm tired of it already, and it's only Nov.
Are you right in Erie?
I'm about an hour south and west...not south or west enough...if ya ask me! hehe!
At least those who do plowing will be happy--

Have a great day!


This simple Life said...

HI Michelle
I'm so glad you stopped in at my blog. And congrats on starting your own. You asked if I thought the muffin mix would last longer in the fridge, maybe? I'm not sure. I would read the expiration date on your baking powder to determine that. The baking powder failing would be your only real danger. I think a year would be fine in the fridge.

When I was a kid I would visit old plantations and pretend I lived there.