Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Watcha Working on Wednesday

I hope this post finds everyone doing well and having a great week . My week has been good so far. The weather has just been beautiful, it's going to be 60 today but that's going to end it's suppose to fall back in the 30's and snow. I'm just dying for spring to get here.

I've spent my week cleaning out and starting to pack up my house, well ok alot of it's still packed since this was a temporary place to stay while house hunting. We've been looking since last spring and of course I am looking for an old farmhouse, you think that would be easy living in rural PA.....NOT! So now the hunt is really on but we might end up having to buy something else. We have found one built in 1890 and it's been remodeled but that's ok. The catch is it's a "short sale" and from what we've heard those house's are really hard to get and take alot of time so we're not sure if we want to even look at that one.

Ok onto other things I've made it back to the thrift store, all the cheese plates were gone I couldn't believe it. Isn't it funny how something can be there for weeks and when you decide to buy it it's gone. Oh well guess they weren't meant for me.... I only found 2 items this time, a set of candlesticks $2.49 and a candle box like everyone else has found it was $1.50. So I will spend today working on these.

I spent the day yesterday making grubby soap balls. I was making some for a friend who wanted some for her bathroom, so here is a picture of them, was kinda a hard to get a good picture of them the color doesn't look the same.

I am looking for a place to buy Pip Berries I thought maybe you girls would be able to help me out. I've been looking but it seems like everyone sells them in 2 cup quantities and I would like alot more than that. So I'm looking for someone that is reasonable, does anyone know?

I hope everyone has a wonderful day and don't forget to stop over and see Leslie for Watcha Working on Wednesday

Friday, February 6, 2009

It's Friday & Deja-vu

Good Morning it's fabulous Friday, its 9am and the sun is shining. It's suppose to be 40 here today and 50 tomorrow and I'm happy, it was below zero yesterday. I am so tired of the cold and snow, 3 ft still in my yard. It's been a long winter this year, we've had 139 inches of snow so far this year, ugh.

I don't really have anything new to post today. I'm still finishing the stars, cheese plate, and the couple of other things that I had picked up. I'm going to go back to the thrift store today and pick up a couple more of those cheese plates, hopefully they are still there.

Last night while I was watching tv instead of reading or stitching (was too tired for any of that) I had decided to browse past issues of the Country Sampler magazine. I did have issues all the way back to 1994 but cleaned out and kept 2003 and on anyhoo the two that I grabbed were November 2003 and Home Tour Edition 2008.

Well while I browsing I thought hey I have just seen that page.............

Yep it's the same room and the same house 5 yrs. apart. Needless to say I was a little disappointed this is my one my favorite magazines. I thought that when I spent the $6.00 for the special edition I was going to be seeing all these homes I've never seen before, now I'm debating if I want to buy the new home edition this year. I guess maybe they should come get to know all you ladies out here in blogland and see your houses they could do a few home editions with homes of photos never seen before (only in blogland). Linda from Behind My Red Door was featured in the new issue has anyone else out here ever been in there. I know of a few I would like to see in there.

Well I guess that's enough venting, I'll go get the day started.

Have a great day :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Watcha Working on Wednesday

Good Afternoon!

I took the pictures of my TS finds, couldn't take pictures of everything because I'm using two items as part of my swap I'm working on. I didn't find anything too great but at least I finally found something. So I am working on some of these items today.

I don't really know what to do with this, anyone have any ideas?

I finally got to play with the labels that everyone out in blogland has been using, they have been sitting here for the last 3 weeks.

When I first seen that fabric scrap I saw stars, but then decided to keep half to make two towels to add to the ladder

Well gotta go and get my mess cleaned up and get started on dinner. I will be back later to see what everyone has been up to today. Don't forget to stop over and see Leslie at My Country Home, sorry blogger is giving me a hard time on posting and linking today.
Have a great day!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I'm Still Here!

Good morning and Happy Tuesday! I can't believe it's February already, that means we are closer to spring (47 days ). Sorry I haven't been posting I had to go out of town with a friend and help her with some family issues.

I want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes :) I had lunch with my mom and I kept to the diet and ate salad. Later when hubby came home he insisted we were going out to dinner, I really didn't want to but I did and SURPRISE there was a party for me with all my kids, family and a few friends. It was nice , suddenly the day felt better just being with everyone. Guess what I ate.... Salad, yes again. I didn't even eat a piece of my own birthday cake.. I WAS GOOD!!

I finally found a couple of things at the thrift store and will take pictures of those items today so I can post tomorrow. Janene over at Primitive Lifestyle has been doing thrifty re-do's and I thought it would be fun to join in, others have joined in also, everyone is coming up with some neat ideas. So go on over to Janene's and check out some her make-overs.

Angie over at has a swap going on so go on over and sign up. The deadline to enter the swap is February 7th so you have plenty of time to create or shop!