Saturday, December 13, 2008

Can You Say Fudge

What a day it was yesterday! Every year I make 10 fudge & cookie trays to give out to some elderly people. So I had decided that when I woke the kids for school at 6am I would get started at least making fudge. I had 10 pans made by 7:30, that's when my mom call's and wants to go shopping, there goes getting anything done today.

I love my mom but after I spend a day with her she has me questioning my own thinking, so I don't usually get any thing done after that.

So while I'm waiting for her to show up I decide to start getting all the cookie ingredients together so it will easier for later and I don't make such a mess. Well we were gone most of the day trying to get her Christmas shopping done so by the time I got home it was time to start dinner. After dinner I started making all the cookies I am making 8 different kind of cookies, double & triple batches of each so I don't even want to think about how many cookies that really is.... Well needless to say I baked for 6 hours last night and will probably be doing that all day today. I'm suppose to deliver all of these tomorrow...

Today is the last day of deer season, Yeah all this hunting stuff can get put away . I know it's only a few times a year but it just like takes over the house, it's everywhere, in every room.
Only my husband Mike and my youngest son Andrew are hunting this year ( 2 out 5 thank goodness) and they haven't had any luck yet, I'm hoping Andrew will get one Mike is just trophy hunting, he wants the big one to mount and hang on the wall.

Well I guess I had better get started on those cookies, I have a santa doll I have been working on and really wanted to get him finished today so we'll see.

Have a great Day!


Janene said...

Michelle~I would love some of that fudge!
Send some my way!!

Kath said...

Holy Cow! 10 pans made by what time???????? 7:30 AM??? :)
That's a very nice thing-btw- making trays for the elderly!
LOL...about "questioning your own thinking" when w/your mom....same thing happens to me-what's up with that?! :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

holiday hugs!