Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Shopping, Shopping and more Shopping

Hello friends! I hope everyone is doing well out there in blog land. Well I've been busy shopping and not for Christmas!

I am a couponer...

It all started 10 years ago when I used to read in the magazine's about women who would get all these groceries for nothing, I'd think yeah right! At that time I was a sahm and we have four children so who wouldn't love to save that kind of money. Well we bought our first computer and there I was for about 4 months searching and reading determined that I could do this. Well I did, the only things that I couldn't get cheap or free were milk and meat.

The deals aren't so great anymore the last few years so I have to be willing to stock up when I do get a deal, I try to get enough to last a year. Some coupons are only plentiful certain times of the year. I really only have Giant Eagle and Rite-Aid to rely on for shopping the other stores are over 20 miles away and have stricter coupon policies so not worth it to even drive to them.

I use to get any items I could even if we didn't use them I figured I would find someone that used or needed it and if not just donate the items but now I only get the things we use. I don't really have room to store the extra and you have to get creative with storage and that's a whole new subject. . I have helped out alot of friend's in time of need when they have hardship's happen and not have money for groceries, which is a great feeling. I had one friend that refused to let me help her, well after 2 months things are bad, shut off notices for utilities, repo notice for car. I told my husband I can't take it anymore, I bagged up about 10 bags of food, headed off to the store, bought some milk, bread, and some meat and went straight to her house and woke her up out of bed, she started crying the second she saw us standing at her door with all the groceries and of I cried but it is such a great feeling to do things like that for other people. Well I could talk about this stuff all day but I don't have alot of time today, I have to finish some more of those unfinished projects.

So this is what I got this week, now remember I don't get this amount of stuff every week it might be two or three weeks before I might get a deal on something else.

80 Knorr Side Dishes - .25 each
40 Lipton Soup - .58 each
40 Lipton Tea .09 each
60 Muir Glen Tomato Paste - free
60 Muir Glen Diced Tomato's & Sauce - free
(I'm thinking I might not have to can tomato's this next summer....)

My total was $46.80
of course this a picture of just some of it, not enough room for all of it.

Well I hope everyone has a great day and thank's for stopping to visit.

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Debbi said...

Greta deals. It's it great ..the savings you can do with coupons?? I don't understand why some people choose not to use them.