Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I've got the Bug!

Good Morning to all my fellow bloggers. I know I haven't posted since last week and that's because I've been sick.. I don't mind getting sick once in awhile, it has it's positives and negatives. The positive side: you have a reason for doing nothing or getting nothing done, can lay around all day, eat less, lose a couple of pounds, maybe have your family feel sorry for you........... The negative side: YOU FEEL MISERABLE! Oh well I'm feeling much better anyhow now I have to catch up with what has been going on with everyone. While I was sick I also had another BUG (you know while I got to lay around doing nothing)
Over the last few weeks all the gardening catalogs have coming in the mail, it just gets me itching for spring. So now I have the garden all planned and the seeds ordered now I'm all excited thinking it's getting closer, kinda of hard sometimes when we have 3 feet of snow and it's 2 degrees outside. Every year the garden seems to get bigger and bigger, this year I tried to keep it small, NOT! This is what I've ordered.
4 types of Heirloom Tomatoes, Red Onions
Green peppers, Yellow Onions
Sweet Corn, Broccoli
Green Beans, Kidney Beans
Carrots, Cantaloupe
Watermelon, Cucumbers
Celery, Potatoes
Wow I was just thinking that's not small, oh well it's great to eat all those fresh veggies.
Well I'm off to see what all you have been up to.
Have a great Day!


Janene said...

Michelle~I'm so glad to hear you are feeling better!
All of those fresh veggies sound wonderful, and make me long for
Spring and Summer!
I hope you were pampered during your makes it so much more enjoyable!
Glad to have ya back!!

Backwoodsprim said...

So sorry to hear you've had that nasty bug!!I'm recovering from it too! I feel much better today!!

Have a good day!

Kath said...

Gosh...I'm glad you're feeling better!!
I have been gettting my seed catalogs too...makes me want SPRING to get here even faster!
I have gorwn everything you have listed....except kidney beans! I've never tried them! every year I like to pick out one variety of seed that I have never grown before...just to see if I can!! :)
What kinda tomato seeds did ya select?

Have a great day...


carogonza said...

I hope you feel better. I am a lurker but thought I would delurk. I would be interested in what catalogs you use and what to order. I am a newbie gardner and am pretty clueless.

Kim Mailliard of Prim's by Kim said...

Smoooosh that bug would ya!! Get better fast, and think about spring and planting all those goodies =)