Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Splitting My Pants

Ok I wasn't going to tell anyone but since everyone has been baring their dieting souls on their blogs I thought it would only be fair and anyhow you could probably use a good laugh....
It all started yesterday with my mom and I going shopping. Ya know what I was shopping for ingredients to make THESE.. Dieter's might want to hide your eyes

My nephew had made these for New Years and it's all I have thought about, like I didn't have plenty of cookies over Christmas... So when my mom called and said she was going shopping I was all for that. She had to go to the grocery store to get food and nuts for her birds so when we were leaving and I was climbing into the car (little car sits low to the ground) that's when it HAPPENED.........

I just sat there not knowing what to think, thinking that this really just didn't happen. But it did oh boy... My mom asks if I'm ready to go to the bulk food store, this is where I buy all my baking stuff, I tell her "no we're going home " she says "no we're not " and I say "Oh ya we are" she has no clue about what happened as we are sitting in the parking lot arguing over where we're going. I tell her about my pants splitting and she tells me to just pull my coat down I will be fine. I let her know that will not work, now she doesn't believe me and wants to see the hole, I think to myself this really isn't happening and the more I move the more it rips, ugh.. You know what the worse part of this whole thing is TELLING MY HUSBAND I knew I was never going to live this one down and believe me everyone in my house had a good laugh all night, I guess it's good to know I can make people happy. That was the only pair of jeans I had left, you got it I'm stuck in my house with no pants to go anywhere I have to lose at least 10lbs to get in the other ones, guess I have no choice or I'll never get to go anywhere. I had to quit my job in July because I was having alot of breathing problems and I smoked (but only outside)and quit that too(still have breathing problems), so I've gained 15lbs during these last few months and was getting upset about it, of course telling my husband no more if I don't put a stop to it now it will just get worse. I know my problem is being home with nothing to do and winter time just makes it worse.

So there you have it! After reading Janene's blog I figured I'd do it for her so I'm with ya girl, WE WILL MAKE IT!!! Oh and by the way I didn't get the stuff for the cookies so I guess we'll just save them for Christmas.


Janene said...

I am rolling on the floor laughing my Rollie Pollie Butt off!
That is the funniest story I have ever heard!
Thank you for sharing that story...It made my night!

Picket said...

Oh girl...I have been there! lol lol That was a good one! lol That Janene is my hero...you can do this girl...I'm cheering for you! thanks for coming by sweetie...don't you just love this blogland support system!

Kath said...

LOL!! Michelle you're too funny!!
...and just so ya know...your mom sounds EXACLTY like my mom--even funnier!!! ;)


Sharon said...

Oh bless your heart! Hang in there, it won't be too tough. I have to do the same thing, I'm dreading it but looking forward to feeling better at the same time.

Good luck, You can do this!

Kimberly said...

Michelle, we're laughing WITH you not AT you! Thank you so much for sharing your "this could happen to you" story! You are a blessing with your honesty! I wish you luck and thanks for "coming out" with the rest of us!!
Hugs, Kimberly

Michele said...

That's hysterical....But, boy do I know how you feel! I don't think any of us haven't been in a similar situation!

Good Luck, I'm right there with you!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I know exactly how you feel...I did the same thing when I was prenant with Chris (he was a 10lb baby) Only instead of being with my mom I was with the contractor that was building our home, talk about embarresing:)

Thanks for stopping by, love new friends and I'm adding you to my favs!

Kim Mailliard of Prim's by Kim said...

This just happened to me about 2 months ago! My most fav pair of $200 jeans split right up the crack, and boy was I mad as he**!! Ok Ok the jeans were about 5 years old, at least that is my excuse, and quite worn haha!!


Country*Road*Primitives said...

Oh my Goodness! LOL! Michelle, you are so funny ~ I was thinking to myself that your jeans are probably in style now... :) Those cookies sure look delicious!! xox

Raggedy Angel said...

Yea...jump on the wagon with the rest of us! Make the change while it is only 10 pounds....you can do it! Beth