Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oh Lordy! Guess Who's 40!

Well today is the big 40 and I haven't been dealing with this birthday very well. I know everyone at some point in their life has that one birthday that they don't want to claim and I guess this must be mine and I don't know why I didn't think it was going to bother me. I was fine until yesterday afternoon and then all of a sudden something in me snapped and all I did was cry the rest of the afternoon and all night. The minute anyone said anything there I was crying like a baby all over again, no crying yet today I think I'm all cried out... I am one those people that no one ever knows when my birthday is and don't like anyone knowing. I guess I've always been shy that way and don't like the extra attention. So I thought maybe this time not being shy about it will be kinda therapeutic. My mom is going to take me out to lunch, I guess I will be having salad. I told everyone that I don't want any cake, don't want to be tempted..
I will be finishing work on some stitching's this morning, some are still Christmas. I'm still new at this I've only done six so far and I haven't really had any problem with it until I got to the berries on this stocking. I have probably taken them out five times already, I just can't seem to get them it's driving me crazy...


Janene said...

Happy Birthday to You!...Happy Birthday to You!...Happy Birthday dear Michelle!....Happy Birthday to you!
Enjoy you special day! I'm 40 too! And it really doesn't feel any different than 39!

Cindy B said...

Michelle, you don't know it yet, but some of the happiest years lay ahead. I am 64 today and can honestly say I have thoroughly enjoyed these last 20 years. Once the kids are raised, you get to travel more, play with your grandkids, take more time for hobbies and crafts and finally a time you and hubby finally have time to really know and appreciate each other. 40 is a great year...embroace it and skid right into the sixties! Happy Birthday!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Hi Michelle,
I didn't mind turning 40 but 50 was tough for me:)

Happy birthday to you and may you have many, many more:)

I'm adding you to my favs!

Michele said...

Happy Birthday! You will love your 40's they're great! It just keeps getting better with age!

Kath said...

Michelle--I can't beleive it's been so long since i have stopped by!! :(
I missed your b-day--so sorry!
Happy (much belated) Birthday to you....
The big 4-0 didn't bother me...I love my 40's!
You're gonna love 'em too! ;)

Hope to see ya around blogland...

have a great day-Kath